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As a renal dietitian with eight years experience, I have the training and knowledge to give you the skills to empower you to make decisions to lead you to your health goals. A diagnosis of kidney disease is frightening, and I can help ease your concerns and build your confidence with managing your health. Confused about sodium intake, managing potassium and phosphorus, limiting fluids, and balancing protein? You’re not alone! With so many contradictions swirling around the web, and no shortage of outdated information, it can be a dizzying and frustrating experience to follow a renal diet.  I offer comprehensive, individualized plans to help you keep your kidneys as healthy as possible. Implementing the right diet approach can help you control your blood pressure, diabetes, and maintain a healthy weight, all critical components to prevent kidney disease from advancing.

I meet with clients via secure video or phone for your convenience and safety.


Where can I find a kidney dietitian?

To find an RD near you, you can visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website, and utilize the “Find a Nutrition Expert” tool. You can filter the results by preference, including specialty (kidney and renal disease), insurance accepted, and language(s) spoken.


What is considered a renal diet?

A renal diet is typically limited in sodium, phosphorus, potassium, protein, and fluid, though guidelines for each nutrient varies depending on the degree of kidney dysfunction and other comorbidities.


What does a renal dietitian do?

A renal dietitian helps translate complex, muddled nutrition guidance into tailored, clear, actionable advice. A renal dietitian will take the time to listen to your unique history, current issues, and goals, and provide education, and ongoing support/accountability to ensure you reach and maintain your health objectives.


What foods should renal patients avoid?

Starfruit is the only hard and fast “no”, as it is toxic to the kidneys. All other foods are up for discussion, and will depend on your unique lab results and health status. Often, seeing a renal dietitian gives individuals more diet freedom, as they were previously needly restricting based on general information that was not applicable to their situation.


What is a Certified renal dietitian?

A certified specialist in renal nutrition has a minimum of 2000 hours of practice experience in renal dietetics, and has passed an examination administered by the Comission on Dietetic Registration. This comprehensive exam addresses acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 1-5, and renal replacement therapies (dialysis/transplant).